Marketing Perspective

  • What do you notice about this type of marketing?
  • What strategies are they employing?
  • What role do these influencers play in marketing?
  • How does the use of marketing perspective impact the relationship between the company and consumer?

Although I have heard of these types of media marketing influencers, I don’t personally follow any in particular. I think this type of marketing is very profitable for the video marketer, but I feel as though it could be a short lived position, even though they do make a killing with even one video produced and posted to the public. Through each individual whom is hired to produce an advertisement, they are opening up a new face to their viewers which in turn creates interest to the company and or product that is being advertised. Once new influencers become the face of a company, they are setting the stage for the way customers view the brand. Each influencer has his/her own way of doing things and has a certain personality that they are allowed to put in their videos which makes the marketing technique much different than other advertisements bring to the table for other companies. If the influencer is willing to share his/her life with the world via videos, Snapchat, etc., including celebrity influencers such as Kim Kardashian, followers are more apt to believe that the product works as advertised and the company will most likely make more money from customers who want to try the products. I think the use of marketing perspective impacts the relationships between the company and the consumer in a way that creates a certain trust and loyalty because the consumers are able to connect to the face of the company. Like the transcript said, “And I speak the language of millennials, and they respond to my content”. If a company brings a similar face to their company/brand, the consumer’s are going to WANT to try the products simply because individuals their age are using them and advertising them.


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