My life using digital media


What sites/or applications you visit most often? Describe the sites and apps that you identify.

For personal reasons, I utilize Instagram, Youtube, my iPhone camera, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and mobile banking apps. For business/work related reasons I utilize Outlook, Priority + and G tracks.

Instagram is a photo sharing app that allows account holders to share pictures and videos publicly or privately.

Youtube is a video service website app that allows users to watch and or create their own videos to upload and share with others.

iPhone camera is a phone app that allows users to capture the moment and keep or share.
Spotify is a streaming music service that allows users to play tracks from a streaming music catalog.
Netflix and Hulu are streaming apps that allow account holders to view new or recently aired (Hulu), and older (Netflix) TV shows and movies at their leisure.
Mobile banking is apps provided by banks and or credit unions for account holders to access their bank accounts via smartphone or computer and make changes to their account, check balances and make transfers.
Outlook is a free Microsoft application used to manage social matters via email.
Priority+ and G tracks are websites used to enter, track/manage and make changes to customer orders, both old and new.

Do you have positive or negative reactions when using certain types of digital media?

I mostly have positive reactions to the digital media that I use. With any form of technology, there are going to be times that systems are down or are glitchy, but it’s rarely a negative reaction from me. Perhaps when my mobile banking app is unavailable when I need to transfer money, or when Netflix or Hulu decide that they don’t want to stream music when my son wants to watch TV, I may have a negative reaction.

Do you find that your needs are satisfied using one type of digital media over another?

I think that my needs are satisfied using all of the types of digital media that I use, whether it be for personal use or for business. Of course personal use I get to choose which types I am using, so if I am ever not satisfied, I will not continue to use it and I will seek an alternative.

Do you receive emails from companies? If so, what type of emails catch your attention? What do you look for?

The emails that I receive are from companies in which I’ve provided my email address to while either making an account online or while checking out at their retail store. The emails that most catch my attention are clothing companies geared toward my son and emails regarding my credit history. I often look for subjects that are giving me good news such as one in my inbox right now about my credit that reads “Congrats! We’re giving you an extra free score update this month”, or “Extra 30% off clearance”. Something that is benefitting me is always a good thing and something that I definitely look for when scanning my emails.

What do you notice about the use of digital media in marketing today? Explain.

Everyone uses it! Digital media is the IT thing and it is continuing to grow every day. Every company is utilizing digital media to advertise their products whether it be with call-to-action marketing, SEM/SEO marketing or simply sending emails to their customer base. Depending on the method of digital marketing that is used, most of the time a faster and less expensive way to spread information to new and existing customers.


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