Introducing Snapchat to Farmers’ Almanac

I plan on using the pragmatic approach to inform my decision of adding Snapchat and custom made Geofilters as a new marketing method to the Farmers’ Almanac. I will use this approach because it allows for limitless methods of research. I will use the following information of research to inform my audience as to why Snapchat is a smart valuable and method to take into consideration for a increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Did you know that filters can be created for Snapchat so your customers can enjoy a custom made fun filter with your company name/brand on it?


What is a Geo-filter you ask?


A Geo-filter is a filter specifically designed filter for the Snapchat application that is only available in geographic areas that each filter is set to. These filters are available all over the world, but are only available to users whom are in the location they are assigned to,


Why filters?


Cost EffectiveOn average, a custom Geo-filter costs 15-20 dollars a day to run over an average sized suburban home. (in text citation) Although filters can be made to be active from as little as 1 hour to as long as 30 days, if the filter is made to be available for only 1 hour, the snaps that your customers added to their stories will be available for up to 24 hours. This is free advertisement!


Brand awareness/brand buildingIf Geo-filters were made for Farmers’ Almanac events such moon phases, eclipses or storms in certain areas around the world customers all over would be spreading awareness of these events.


Fun and memoriesFilters are fun! What a better way to remember what’s going on in a picture than to have a personalized filter of the epic sun during the eclipse or the 24 inches of snow Maine got in 2017?


Snapchat can add great value to this company because it will boost brand visibility and increase loyalty. It gives your customers something fun to look forward to while promoting and spread awareness of your events and company. With over 9,000 pictures snapped each second, adding up to 2.5 billion pictures being snapped each day, why wouldn’t you want to create custom filters and get Farmers’ Almanac name out there? With the competitiveness between this company and The Old Farmer’s Almanac, it is a great way to make sure your customers aren’t confused of which Almanac they look forward to, love and value.


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