1-2 Blog: Consumer Who? Consumer You!

What type of consumer are you?

I am an impulse consumer, for the most part. Unless I have a list before entering a store, I often have no control over what I end up leaving the store with. I like buying things ahead of time so I know that I will never run out, and even though they are a necessity (like toilet paper, cat litter, A1 steak sauce), I never plan when I’m going to make all of these extra purchases so I short myself with my checks when it comes time to paying my bills.

What influences your buying decisions, and how?

There are many things that influence my buying decisions; such as who I am with/if I am by myself, how much time I have in a store to look at other options and re-consider the purchase before making it to the check out and also how much money I have in my account or if I plan on making the purchases with my credit card. If I am by myself, depending on the item, I tend to second guess if it is a good product, if I should get the black or the pink, or if it is worth the money, and or if I truly need the item at that moment. When I have my son with me I am mostly focused on the list in hand so we do not stray and leave the store with unneeded items, but at time he influences my buying decisions because I tend to justify the fact that he needs the item of that he’d really enjoy to have it because he’s been good. If I am with a friend, most of the time I am encouraged to make the purchase because they believe I need to reward myself and that I deserve it. When I shop with my sister, more often than not, she is telling me that I don’t need whatever it is that I have in my hands and most of the time I take her comments into consideration because she knows my financial state and she wants the best for me. At other times, when I really really want something, I feel as though she will judge me if I buy something that I don’t truly NEED, and rub it in my face later on when I can’t afford something else that I want, or have trouble paying a bill.

Which state actually leads to your purchasing decision?

I’d say for the most part the stage that leads to my purchasing decision is when I’m making my way up to the register and I’m evaluating what I have in my hands, in my basket or in my cart and going over everything in my head asking myself if I REALLY need this or that RIGHT NOW or if it can wait or if I need the item at all.

When making a buying decision, how are you influenced by marketing research and marketing design?

I don’t have cable television so I feel as though I’m at a great advantage there, but on the downside there are obviously other places that new products are advertised. When making a buying decision I am not heavily influenced by marketing research and design because I don’t tend to shop for things that are not a necessity.

Do you experience any post-purchase behavior?

When I do make purchases of items that I don’t absolutely need, I do sometimes experience post-purchase behavior. This happens when I buy clothing ahead of time for my son, when I buy plane tickets for trips that haven’t asked for the time off from work yet or planned if I can afford to go and when I get my hair professionally done in a salon. I also am often convinced that I’m super crafty and have all of the time in the world to sit down and do crafts and make homemade decor so I go out and buy everything that a Pinterester suggests I buy and then I get home and put the items aside and never have the time to actually follow through with the craft. I do keep most of my receipts though and I have no problem bringing things back (only to get the money back and think I have more money than before and go buy something else I don’t REALLY need).


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